Rock 'n roll was not a marriage of rhythm and blues and country and western. That's white publicity. Rock 'n roll was just a white imitation, a white adaption of Negro rhythm and blues.
(Louis Jordan)

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NO - is neither the site of a "Retro Swing Band", nor the "virtual meeting place" of a Joe Jackson fan club. It is rather a kind of "Internet magazine ", tracing the roots of what is still called "R&B" in the American charts.
IN OTHER WORDS: Back to the roots of the Rhythm & Blues, the celebrated black music!

These roots can be traced to the Jazz and Blues of the 20's, 30's and 40's of the 20th century. Spawned from an Afro-American music style which the (white) music industry labeled "race music". This term is documented in the terminology used by "Billboard magazine" until 1949 (!). For the fans, who called themselves "hep cats", this music was simply - "Swing", "Jive", or "Jump Blues". focuses primarily - but not exclusively - on the period between 1940 and 1960, and under no circumstances, considers the skin color of an artists as a deciding factor: therefor white artists such as Louis Prima, Johnny Otis, Bill Haley and current bands, are theme. Those who play " authentic" R&B and Jumpin ' Jive, will have their place here..

Albums from my collection, presented under the rubric "Spot on... (depicted by a record)", present the development of Rhythm and Blues, its style deviations and the artists who made and it. The "Archive", as it's title implies, is a collection of previously posted articles and contributions to for re-reading serving to create a comprehensive time mosaic of what has gone on at One of's central themes is concerns itself with how Rhythm & Blues was socially, economically coordinated and it's cultural geography. Because of this it's pages can tend to become somewhat wordy: Those you who like to read, have an advantage!

The joint is still jumpin' - under the rubric "Events" offers a calendar of events (weekly updated) with concerts, festivals and record hops in Germany and Europe!

Interested in a topic? A magazine "lives" through its readers: Suggestions, opinions or contributions (discussions about albums, concert reports, etc...) are therefore welcome at all times - - just write a Mail!'s English edition will hopefully be completed soon. Please sign up for the jumpinjive newsletter to get the latest news.

Have fun with - It's Not A Sentimental Journey!

Thomas "Kaiser L"

  "Kaiser L" aka "Jive Gordon"

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Three US "top acts" Nov/Dec on tour in Europe: Candye Kane, Little Rachel and Stompy Jones! All gigs under Events (see also "Conzert tip")!
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Died on Dec 30: Artie Shaw Swing legend Artie Shaw died on Dec 30 at 94.
In the late 30's the clarinetist and bandleader rivaled
Benny Goodman for the title of "King of Swing" with his versions of tunes like "Begin The Beguine" or "Frenesi"
! Shaw quitted music business in 1954.
- Dec 18, 2004
Update: events 2005 & links!
- Nov 21, 2004
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- Oct 26, 2004
Candye Kane cancelled the European Tour with "B.B. & The Bluesshacks". Swing and Jump Blues Sax-Player Johnny Ferreira
will replace Candye on some of the dates. Please check events
or Bluesshacks' homepage for further details.
- Sep 15, 2004
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- Nov 14, 2003
German Jumpinjive Records Shop is online now - to buy: Swing, Rhythm & Blues and Jazz LPs and CDs! More ...
- Nov 12, 2003
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- Nov 10, 2003
New German 30's to 50's Swing, Jive, R&B and Rockabilly Fanzine Slam Bam appears as from December. More ...
- October 23, 2003
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- September 1, 2003
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- August 20, 2003
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- July 15, 2003
Benny Carter (1930's)Benny Carter died on July 12 at 95. As musician and arranger he was an outstanding personality of Jazz since the late 1920's.
More ...
- July 10, 2003
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- July 7, 2003
Another "Frankfurt Special": "Bo Weavil Blues Band" plays at "Brotfabrik" on July 17.
"New Orleans Rhythm & Blues" at its best at Munich's "Tollwood": "Willy deVille" meets "Dr. Will's Gangsters Of Love" on July 12.
- June 27, 2003
Concert-Tip: "The Bricats" give on Friday, 18 July a
"Frankfurt Special" at "Blues & Beyond".
Like 30's and 40's Style? Don't miss "1. Darmstädter Sommertanz" with "Benny And The Good Men" live and DJs. More info ...
- June 26, 2003
Latest News: "Boom & The Ballroomshakers" will perform on Friday 27 at "Life Music Night" in Klosterlangheim (D). More info ...
- June 12, 2003
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- May 25, 2003
Latest News: CD Release Party and Concert of Lenard Streicher Band. Swing Dance afterwards with DJ T-Ina at "Kalkscheune" (Berlin) on May 28.
- May 7, 2003
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- April 28, 2003
Pianist and Singer Nina
Simone died on April 21 two month after her 70th birthday in France. With "My Baby Just Cares For Me" she had a great success in Europe in 1987. Read more about Nina Simone ...
- April 22, 2003
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- March 16, 2003
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- March 7, 2003
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- February 13, 2003
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- February 2, 2003
Concert-Tip: "Lightnin' Moe And His Peace Disturbers" - 21 February in Luebeck.
More ...
- January 27, 2003
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- January 21, 2003
Concert-Tip: "5 Years Dr Will's Gangsters Of Love" - 1 February in Munich.
More ...
- January 13, 2003
Pictures from third "Rock Before Elvis" under Archives
- January 7, 2003
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- January 1, 2003 wishes a "Happy New Year"!
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