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R&B Originals:
B.B. King - The official homepage (USA)
B.B. King Fan - German fan site (D)
Chuck Berry - The official homepage (USA)
Bo Diddley - Die offizielle Homepage (USA)

Ray Charles - The official homepage (USA)
The Ink Spots - The official homepage (USA)
Louis Jordan - Less info, but some pictures (USA)
Louis Jordan Tribiute - honored in his home state! (USA)
Bull Moose Jackson - Nearly forgotten (USA)
Little Willie Littlefield - The official homepage (NL)
Johnny Otis - The official homepage (USA)
Louis Prima - The first and original Louis Prima page (USA)
Ike Turner - Still there! (USA)
Fats Waller - A personel tribute (USA)
Muddy Waters - The official homepage (USA)
Muddy Waters - German fan site (D)

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Bands & Musicians (Jump Blues, R&B, Swing):
5 in Love - Jive, Swing, Jazz (A)

Anna Larsen - Fraulein Swingwunder
A Crossroads Deal - Chicago Blues (NL)
A. G. and the motel Kings
- Jump 'n' Jive (D)
Andreas Arlt - 50's Style Blues Guitar
The Alibis - Jump Swing (NZ)

Arthur Ebeling - Swingin' Rhythm & Blues Guitar (NL)
Avalon Casino Kings - Swing & Classic Jazz (D) - new (Sep 28 06)!
Ballroom Rockets - Rhythm and Blues Band (D)
Baum's Bluesbenders - Jump, Jive Chicago Blues (D)
B.B. & The Blues Shacks - 40's/50's Revival Blues (D)
Big Boy Bloater and his Southside Stompers - R&B and Jump Blues (GB)
Billy Bros. - Jumpin' Orchestra (I)
Big Deal - Swing, Ska & Rock 'n' Roll (D)
Big Swing Thing - 40's/50's Swing & Rhythm & Blues (NL)
The Big Four - 40's/50's Jump Blues & Swing (B/D/NL)
The Blue Flagships - Saxy 40's Rhythm & Blues (A/CH)

Blue Moon Special - Swing, Jump Blues, R&R (NL)
Bo Weavil Blues Band - Raw 40's/50's style Blues (F)
Boogie Blasters - Boogie Woogie, Swing & Jump 'n' Jive (D)
The Bricats - Swing-O-Billy (D)

Boogie Radio - Boogie & Blues from Berlin (D)
Boom & The Ballroomshakers - 40's R&B und Neo-Swing (D)
The Bootleggin' Hobos - Jumpin' & Swingin' Blues (D)
Candye Kane - Cabaret Blues & Burlesque Swing (USA)
"Candye Kane -- The Toughest Girl Alive"
The Casters - Rhythm 'n' Swingin' Blues
The Cat Pack - Swing, Boogie, R&B (GB)
Cherry Casino and The Gamblers - 1950's Rhythm and Blues & Rockabilly (D)
The Crystalairs - Doo Wop (D)
Danny & The Cappers - Jump Blues (S)

Dino Martinis - Jumpin' Lounge (CA)
Doug Jay & The Blue Jays - American Blues, Roots & Roll (D/USA)
Dr. Will's Gangsters Of Love - New Orleans Rhythm & Blues (D)
Dr Snout & His Hogs Of Rhythm - Dirty 40's/50's Jump Blues (FI)
Egidio "Juke" Ingala - 50's Jump Blues & Westcoast Swing (I)
The Extraordinaires - Doo Wop and R&B (GB)
Flying Neutrinos - watch the great Video! (USA)
Four Charms - Jump Blues & Swing (USA)
The Gondolas - R&B, Jump Blues & Rock 'n Roll (SE)
- new (Sep 28 06)!
The Good Fellas - Gangsters of Swing (I)
- new (Sep 28 06)!
James Hunter - 50's R&B (GB)
The Hot Swingers - Swing & Jumpin' Jive (D)
Hoochie Coochie Blues Band - Chicago Blues, Westcoast Swing & Texas Shuffle (D)
Howlin' Bill and his Blues Circus - Chicago Blues (B)
Ida Red & The Mountain Melody Stompers - Western Swing & Country Boogie (A/D)
J Street Jumpers - 30's - 50's Swing & Jump Blues (USA)
Jennie Loebel & The Swing Kings - 40's Swing (SE)
The Jivin' Jewels - Jump 'n Jive (D)
Jive DeLuxe - Swing (USA)
JIVE-O-MATICS - Jumpin' Jive, Doo Wop (D)
The Jive Sharks - Louis Jordan and Louis Prima sound (D)
Joe Spinaci
And The Brookolino Orchestra - Jump Blues (SE)
The Johnny Blue Orchestra - 40's - 50's R&B (SE)
Jordan's Drive - Jump 'n' Jive (DK)
Jump For Joy
- 40's/50's Boogie Woogie & Blues (SE)
Jubilee Jumpers - 40's/50's Swing & Jump Blues (D)
The Jumpin' Jackets - Swing & Boogie Show (D)

Jumpin' Up - Swing Blues & Jive (I)
- new (Sep 28 06)!
The Juke Joint Pimps - Boogie In The House Down
- new (Sep 28 06)!

Jzzzzzp - Jump Jazz (NL)
King Of Swing Orchestra - the music of Benny Goodman (D)
King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys - Rhythm and Blues (GB)
The Kingbeans - swingin' Cajun & Rhythm & Blues (D)
Knock Out Greg & The Blue Weather - 50's Jump Blues (SE)
K.T. & Midnight Cannonball
- swingin' Jump Blues (D)

Lars Vegas & The Love Gloves - Deltabilly (D)
Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers
- Jump Blues & Swing (USA)
The Lazy Jumpers - 40's/50's Jump Blues (ES)
Lightnin' Moe And His Peace Disturbers - Good Old 50's House Rockin' Blues (DK)
Lil' T & the Swampkings - 40's Blues & Jive (D)
LIttle Rachel - 40's/50's Rhythm & Blues/Rock n' Roll (USA)
Little Roger & the Houserockers - Chicago & Jump Blues (D)
Little Victor Juke Joint Blues - if y'all dig what I'm Puttin' Down... (USA)
Ludwig Seuss Band - Boogie & Zydeco, Lousiana R&B (D)
Marty & His Rockin' Comets - 40's - 50's Swing & R&B (D)
Matchbox Bluesband - Chicago Blues from Frankfurt/M (D)
Ondrej Havelka & His Melody Makers - 20's/30's Hot Dance Music & Swing (CZ)
Maria Vincent & The Millionairs - Good Rockin' 50's Rhythm & Blues (GB)
Mike Andersen Band
- 50's - 60's R&B (DK)
Mike und Moro Reinhardt - Gipsy Swing (D)
Mike Sanchez - Rhythm & Blues (GB)
Ocean's Seven - authentic Rhythm & Blues (GB) - new (Sep 28 06)!
OO-Bop-Sh'Bam - 40's/50's Rhythm & Blues (GB)
- new (Sep 28 06)!
Pinkspots - 30's Swing & Show (D)
- new (Sep 28 06)!
The Moonlighters - Hawaiian Steelguitar Swing! (USA)
Papa's Finest Boogie Band - Boogie, Jump & Jive (D)
Ranch House Favorites - Western Swing (NL)
The Ray Gelato Giants - The Big Sound Of Real Swing Music (GB)
Ray Collins' Hot-Club
- Rhythm & Blues Orchestra (D)
Red Blooms Blues Band - Boogie, Rhythm & Blues, Swing (D)
Red Hot Cancers - Bluesabilly (D)
Rhythm Bombs - Swing & Roots Blues (B) - new (Sep 28 06)!
Rhythm Rascals - with ukulele and double bass on the way (D)
Roger & The Evolution - Boogie, R&B, Jazz (D)
Rolf Zwirner's Swing Combo - Swing a la Hot Club de France (D)
Rosebud Blue Sauce - Swingin' Rhythm & Blues Combo (F) - new (Sep 28 06)!
Royal Crown Revue - Neo Swing (USA)
Safe, Sane & Single - The Trio with the Bigbandsound (D)
Sam Rocket And His Blues Prisoners - Jump Blues (SE)
The Silvertones - Chicago & Jump Blues (D)
Sir Åsling And The T-Bone Orchestra - Jump Blues & Swing (SE)
Sophie Garner and Her Swing Kings - Jump Jive and Rhythm 'n Blues (GB)
Steamin' Jesaja - 40's/50's Blues (SE)
Stompy Jones - 30's - 50's Swing & Rhythm & Blues (USA)
T-99 - Lowdown Blues, Roots & 50's R&B (NL)
The Skylarks
- Jumpin' Jive R&R and R 'n' R (CH)
Steve Lucky & the Rhumba Bums
- Jump Blues & Swing (USA)
Stinky Lou & The Goon Mat - Roots Blues (F)
Sven Zetterberg - Chicago Blues (SE)
Sue Palmer - San Diego's Queen Of Boogie Woogie (USA)
Swing Dance Orchestra - 30's Swing (D)
Swing Factory Inc - 30's/40's Goodman Style Small Group Swing (D)
Swing Size Orchestra - Swing & Jumpin' Jive (D)
Torello's Jive Bugs - The Kings Of Swing (NL)
Vitello Tonnato & The Roaring Zucchinis - R&B goes Italy (D)
The Zoltans - Jump-Jive Band (GB)

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Dee Jays (Swing, R&B, 30's/40's/50's)
At's Crazy Record Hop - DJ At - 30's - 60's music (NL)
Bopland - DJ Boplands Homepage (D)
DJ Grammophon
- 78 rpm Swing, Dance Music & Rock 'n Roll (D)
Hepcat Mike
- 40's Swing Events in England (GB)

Hula Boogie
- DJs Miss Aloha & Reverend Boogie (GB)
Juke Jive - 1940's/1950's Music Events (D)
Jump For Joy
- Swing Events DJs T-Ina Darling & Marga Glanz (D)
Mr Blues Is Coming To Town - 1930's - 1950's Swing, Jive and Rhythm & Blues DJ Kaiser L (D)
DJ 10Inchwonderboy - Boogie Woogie, Doo Wop, Jive, Swing, Rockabilly - new (Sep 28 06)!
Rockin' Ray - Swing, Jive, Doowop, Rockabilly (D)

Ruby Rocks! - Rhythm & Blues, Beat (D)

Swing It - DJ-Team und Events (D)
Swingin' Swanee
- Germany's Swing DJ No 1 (D)
Swingology - DJs Maja Bernard & Sven Uhrmann (D)

Swing DJ - Forum for Swing DJs (USA) - new (Sep 28 06)!

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Rhythm & Blues:
Charly Album Discographie (R&B Series from 1980 - 87)
Chess Records - History and catalogue (USA)
Ed Saunders Research Foundation - Chicago music scene 1940-60 (USA)
Hoy Hoy - Rock Before Elvis!
Jazzinstitut Kunst Uni Graz/Jazzforschung Nr. 20/1988 - Zur Entstehung des R&B (Zusammanfassung) (A)
Marv Goldberg' s Rhythm & Blues Party (USA)
Old woogies - R&B and 50's scene in Italy (I)
Rhythm & Blues Foundation - supports R&B artists (USA)
The Rhythm and Blues Music Primer - British R&B internet magazine (GB)
The R&B Indies - List of R&B Indipendant Labels
Rock the joint - british R&B and R&R site (GB)
SKA-musik - Short history of Ska (R&B influence) (D)
Southern California Doo-Wop Society - Info about R&B vocal groups (USA)

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Swing (Style & Music)
Any Swing goes - your source for swing music (USA)
Dames Don't Care - Sophisticated Ladies (CH)
Swingtime - Stephan Wuthes interesting website about Swing in Germany (D)
Swingstyle - 20's - 40's Popular Culture
The Savoy - Living The Past Today (D)
TripleStep - Swing events in Berlin (D)

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blooze - the German online blues magazine (D)
- German Blues Information website (D)
The Blues Brothers Fanpage - German BB fanpage(D)
bluesnews - German blues magazine (D)
Blues-Germany - German Blues portal (D)
blues & soul Magazine (GB)
bluesroots - The history of blues (D)
Report about Luzern
Blues Festival (D)
Triple R - Internet Blues Radio (NL)

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a great day in harlem - learn more about jazz! (USA)
Any Swing goes - your source for swing music (USA)
Down Beat - Jazz Magazine (USA)
JazzEcho - Jazz online shop and magazine (D)
Blues Festival - Blues Festivals worldwide!(D)
jazznetz - German Jazz scene (D)
jazzpages - Jazz in Germany (D)
Jazz Radio Net - jazz on the web - internet jazz radio (D)
jazz thing and Blue Rhythm online
- Magazine (D)
Jazz-Institut Darmstadt - German Jazz Institute with a public collention (D)
Gavagai - Informative Site about Jazz, Blues and the Fifties (D)

Swingtime - Stefan Wuthes interesting website about Swing in Germany (D)
The Red Hot Jazz Archive - A History of Jazz Before 1930 (USA)

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Black Slacks - Rockabilly-, Rock’n’Roll Magazine (Frankfurt area, D)

Empire 32 - Hot Rods (F)
The Enchanting Site - dedicated to 1950's Rock 'n' Roll & Lifestyle (D)

Jumpin' from 6 to 6 - Rockabilly/R&B Magazin (PDF-Downloads) (F)
Rockin-Rollin - Internet Rock'n'Roll Headquarter (D)
Rockin' Fifties - Magazin (D)
Rockabilly Hall Of Fame - #1 in Rockabilly (!?) (USA)
Rock n' Twist Zentrale - Beat in the Ruhr area (D)
Sun Records - Sam Phillips' legendary Label

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Culture and History:
The Encyclopædia Britannica Guide to Black History - (GB)
Swingstyle - 20's - 40's Popular Culture (D)

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Lifestyle and Fashion:
Atelier Ruth Engeldinger - 40's/50's fashion (D)

Charming Styles - 20's to 40's fashion (D)
- Swing fashon (USA)
DaVinci clothing - Lounge wear since 1952 (USA)

Hep Market - 30's to 60's scene adverts magazine (D)

Jumpinjive Records - Swing, Rhythm & Blues and Jazz on Vinyl and CD Online Shop (D)

Ol' Woogies Store - 40's & 50's Shoes, Ties, Caps (I)
RETRO: The Magazine of Classic 20th Century Popular Culture (USA)

Retro L' Amour - Exclusive, handcrafted gifts (GB)

ReVamp - 20th Century fashion (USA)
Rock-A-Tiki -1950's style Clothing & Accessoires
Swingdiele - Swing style Café in Berlin (D) - new (Sep 28 06)!
The VIDEOBEAT! - 50's & 60's Movies und TV Documentaries on Video (USA)
Zoot Suit Store
- the name is program! (USA)

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Soul-Patrol - The Black Music And Culture Data Base
Uptight - Soul in Frankfurt/M (D) - new (Sep 28 06)!

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Dance (Lindy Hop & Boogie):
Bill Borgida - swing dance instructions (USA)
Boogie Bären Muenchen - Munich Boogie dance club (D)
Boogie Club Berlin - Boogie woogie & swing dance club (D)
Boogie - Lindy - Swing - Boogie-Woogie- and Swing-Scene in NRW (D)
Boogie Tanz Treff - private dance scene Nuernberg area (D)
Crazy Shakers - Boogie Woogie and Swing in Zurich (CH)
It-must-schwing - Jumpin at the Aachenside (D)
HopSpot Cologne - Lindy Hop in Cologne (D) - new (Sep 28 06)!
Lindy - Boogie - Hoppers - Swing & Boogie Dance Club in Mainz (D)
Lindy Hop - The 30's dance (USA)
Movin' Melvin Brown - Dancer and Singer (GB)
New Swing Generation - Swing dance in Hamburg
Rock 'n Roll Club Spreeathen - Boogie, R 'n R, Lindy in Berlin (D)
Some like it hot - Lindy Hop in Wien (A)
Swing Me - Swing dance instructors Katja & Ali (D)
Swingscout - comprehensive Swing Dance and Event Schedule (D)
SwingKultur Stuttgart - Swing & Lindy Hop in Stuttgart (D)
- new (Sep 28 06)!
Tapperware - Tap- and Show Dance (D)
Word Of Swing - Tanzunterricht in München (D)

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Frankfurt mein - up to date private Frankfurt/M info site (D)
Pixeldusche - Webdesign (D)
Vespa Archiv - A "must" for lovers of vintage Vespa scooters! (D)
YUKYUK - Interactive Cartoon (US)
Zigarrenwelt - German internet cigar magazine (D)

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